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Team Holland Palette

Since 1998 Holland Palette specializes in organizing complete programs for groups and individuals in the Benelux countries.  We offer a large variety of hotels; from budget class up to 5-star accommodation.  We have made a selection of fine restaurants in most towns. A team of 60 guides is at your service to lead your group in a pleasant, informative and efficient way. We also organize meetings and festive events with entertainment. Whether you prefer a tour by bus or boat, bicycle or tram, everything is possible.   We listen carefully to your wishes and prepare tailor-made proposals.  We recognize that the organization of the tour must be perfect. In close co-operation with you.


Annie Cedille Sales representive for France
Tel.:+33 47 004 05 77+33 47 004 05 77

As a specialist I take pride in giving the “real deal” to our french speaking partners in travel, so they can convince their clients.  I particularly like to put the finishing touches to each tailor-made programme and conclude by; “yes, now the clients can look forward to an exciting trip”!

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Jan Zandboer Sales representive Canada
Tel.: +1 905 999 26 04+1 905 999 26 04

Holland and Belgium are gorgeous countries with many things to see and do in a relatively short period of time without ever having to drive for more than a few hours. I make it my mission to assure that your clients from allover North America will have the best experience they can ever have in our countries by giving you wonderful suggestions.

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Martin Heida President
Tel.: +31 70 306 06 46

By guarding all processes I make sure that the trips and projects run smoothly.  I aim to secure that our team truly enjoys taking care of each client and that the suppliers will always put hospitality at first place.

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Xander Nieuwenhuys Area manager Southern & Eastern Europe
Tel.: +31 70 20 50 118

I strive to have an excellent relationship with our clients, our suppliers and my colleagues.  In close cooperation with all I want to make sure we supply a top product for the final guests.

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Niels Aalberts Area manager French speaking countries
Tel.: +31 70 306 06 46

By proposing original ideas and programs with attractive rates, I like to make the difference, toghether with the client in order to create the most perfect vacation to our destinations Belgium and Holland.

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Irene Nijpels Contracting manager
Tel.: +31 70 20 50 113

My joy is to find the perfect match of accommodation for each client with the best service and at the best possible rates and thus enable my colleagues to be the strong travel partner we need to be.

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Saskia van Poppel Group & FIT co-ordinator
Tel.: +31 70 30 60 646

I enjoy working for French and English speaking clients and to take care of the individual VIP clients and groups.  I’m always aiming for the same; to make the tour as complete as possible so the visitors will see the beautiful things Holland Belgium and Luxemburg offer and that they will come back to you telling about their magnificent experiences over here.


Shira Lingen Hotel & FIT co-ordinator
Tel.: +31 70 20 50 112

I really enjoy going the extra mile and offer programs that exceed the expectations of clients, showing the many colorful sides of our countries. Additionally I strive to find the perfect fit between our preferred hotels and our client’s needs.


Sarah Smit Group co-ordinator
Tel.: +31 70 30 60 646

It is my joy to let clients benefit from my knowledge and expertise, so the guests will have an unforgettable stay in Belgium and Holland.


Liset van Zijl Accounting
Tel.: +31 70 30 60 646

I love being the bookkeeper at Holland Palette,  and work straightforward and open regarding both clients’ and the suppliers’ invoices. I particularly enjoy quickly solving any irregularity that may occur on either side and thus make sure every project runs smoothly financially.

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Richard Caron Guide & Group co-ordinator
Tel.: +31 70 30 60 646

I Enjoy making sure my commercial partner is happy with the work I do for him and that we may achieve our common goal.  Being Holland Palette tour guide and incentive coordinator during the months I am not at the office, I am always ready to be the source of practical information for clients and colleagues alike.



Alessandra Della Rocca Group & FIT co-ordinator
Tel.: +31 70 20 50 119

At the end of the day I love to have made every single individual or group feel at ease and in great hands about the detailed arrangements for their travel in Holland or Belgium.