Holland Palette – Prefered Supplier Floriade 2022

Floriade Expo 2022

We are proud to announce that we became a Preferred Supplier to the 2022 Floriade Expo. As your go-to DMC we will advise and inspire you with everything you need to know about visiting the Floriade and how to incorporate this unique event when planning your 2022 programs.

Floriade is located on a 60-hectare site in the heart of the city of Almere in the province of Flevoland, only half an hour’s drive and an even shorter train ride from Amsterdam. The Floriade has been organised in Holland since 1960 and is held every 10 years at a different location. It is an extraordinary park in which you can enjoy the best the Dutch horticultural industry has to offer and presents an inspiring and sometimes controversial vision of a decidedly green future.

During the Floriade World Exhibition, cities, companies and countries will offer inspiring ideas about the Green City of the Future. Topics range from trends and developments to water, sustainability, flowers, gardens and architecture to culinary delights. The overall theme in 2022 is therefore: “Growing Green Cities!’’. At the various pavilions, such as the French pavilion, you can experience and participate in conventions, workshops, exhibitions and unique attractions.

Though it might seem far away, the year 2022 will arrive quicker than we might think! Let us advise and inspire you about the extraordinary Floriade and show you how to incorporate this into your visit to Holland and even Belgium. We have designed packages that include entrance tickets, hotel stays and transport. Combine your Floriade visit by also visiting surrounding cities such as Utrecht, Amersfoort, Leiden or Haarlem to discover even more about our Dutch heritage.

We are more than happy to colour your program customized to your needs!

We look forward to welcoming your groups to Floriade 2022


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